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Am i legally divorced?

Am i legally divorced?I have been married for several years and have resulted to a divorce recently but still it keeps me wondering, am I legally divorced? This question has kept bugging me since I have not received any document to be signed to formalize my divorce with my then husband.

The judge has called a final hearing on my case and has ordered dissolution of my marriage to my husband but the document which was supposed to be given to me is still resting at the judge desk waiting for him to sign it. So am I legally divorced even if I don’t have a hard copy of that divorce decree? Or should I wait longer for that document to get to me and finally get an answer to my question of, am I legally divorced?

In my search for answers to my query as to whether or not am I legally divorced, I have come to a conclusion that documents that needed to be signed are for formality and proof purposes. But as for the question of being legally divorced or not, I am certain that the question of am I legally divorced is already answered. Yes! I am legally divorced. As long as there aren’t any more hearing dates or schedules and the judge have raised the final judgement, then it is safe to say that I am legally divorced even without the official paper containing the divorce decree. All I have to do is to either wait for that document to reach me or to get it myself by going to a county courthouse and asking a copy from the clerk of court and paying certain fees.

Am I legally married after the court’s decision but still without a document as a proof? Can I get myself married again to another person? What are my options?

If you are also in question about the above mentioned, then listen up.

Yes you are legally married upon the judge’s decision even without any documented evidence. Yes you can get married again since you are legally divorced. But since you will need a supporting document to prove your legal capacity, all though you are legally married without written paper, yet you still have to produce this document to show your legal capacity to marry.

Marriage certificates are essential to prove and support the claim to am I legally married? It is your sole responsibility to have one to prove the legality of your marriage.

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