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How to make a marital status check

How to make a marital status checkThere are several ways in how to make a marital status check. You can do the conventional way of asking people, who are commonly linked with you and your partner, go to county court houses or vital records and statistics offices for public documents or do the fastest and most efficient way, online search of how to make a marital status check. Try going over the following and see for yourself how to make a marital status check:

You can start by addressing a direct question to your partner. A simple have you ever been married or do you have a previous marriage obligation will get you either a direct or indirect answer. You can determine a truthful answer in the way it has been answered. A guilt-free person will have no problem in answering this simple question. However, someone who has a lot of things to hide will divert you to a different topic.

You can also ask people who are commonly linked if they have on hand information about any possible previous marriage incurrence by your partner. Remember that the more you push a question in a drastic manner, the less information you will be getting so it is better to ask in a casual manner.

You have two option is doing this step. It’s either you go to public offices and search the documents you want on marital status or hire a detective or a private investigator to do the search for you.

Scan through public records that are readily accessible in public offices such as the national statistics office. You can go over public records for your easy access. All you have to do is fill up request forms, pay for the document requested and submit it. You can also ask public information officers on how to make marital status search if you happen to get confused in filling out request forms. After you submit it, wait for the documents to be released after standard operating processes.

You can also seek the aid of detectives and private investigators. You can ask them how to make a marital status check. They will be able to conduct it themselves provided you have to give them ample time to look for your needed information. They are efficient in doing their duty only that they are costly.

Conduct an online check on marital status. This is the fastest, cheaper way of accessing a public document for public use.

Now that you have some tips on how to make a marital status check, you will be able to make yourself certain to whether or not you would go to say I do or otherwise.

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