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Is he legally married?

Is he legally married?A friend of mine got married abroad with a person having a different nationality so I am wondering, is he legally married? Will it be affecting his status when he decides to come back to our country? What can he do to know if is he legally married?

If these are the same questions bothering you, then you better pay attention because this might just get you the answer on your question of is he legally married?

Marriages conducted abroad follow the rules and guidelines of the country where the marriage is conducted. It may be appropriate and legal in that country but it does not mean that it is acceptable in other countries. Customary marriages or marriage rites can be culturally accepted but it does not also mean it is legal.
If a man marries a woman who has a different nationality, is he legally married?

Yes! But is he legally married? Yes he is, provided that he does not have any unsettled marriages before the incurrence of this marriage. The same goes with the woman who has a different nationality. If any unsettled marriages still exist from both parties, then either the woman or he is legally married.

For US citizens, marrying a person of another nationality in another country are valid as long as it has met US requisites of marriage. Marrying parties should be of legal age, this means that either man or woman should be 18 years old and above to be able have it accepted in the US. If the marriage certificate is written in native language where the marriage was done, it should be translated to English and should be notarized to be accepted as a part of marriage records when brought back to the US.

You can also submit a copy to the embassy or consular office if you want your partner to speed up migration if ever you wish to bring him or her to the US. So is he legally married? If he has met the requisites of the US government, then we can say that this person is legally married to a woman of different nationality even if the marriage had taken part in another country.

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